Saturday, 8 November 2008


I had another discombobulating dream last night. Once again I was lost, confused, and dislocated from my environment. It all began with me in a school setting of sorts, none like I had ever actually been in before, even though my childhood and subsequent career were primarily school based.

I ventured out of the staff lunchroom to wander through a mall that was somehow connected, by various passages, to the school. In anticipation of my necessary return, I tried to remember the landmarks as I wandered on my solitary excursion. Nothing eventful happened, not even a grand shopping spree, even though I am always looking for that next, great pair of shoes. (Hmm...Remembering a previous dream where my feet had been so scantily shod.)

When I attempted to return to the school base, I kept getting lost down hallways, stairways, strange rooms. I would retrace my steps and try another direction. With each futile attempt I was becoming more frantic. I felt trapped. Somehow, I guess because I was completely enclosed in this mall environment, I had no way of distinguishing left or right, east or west. I had lost all compass points. And furthermore, unlike Ariadne and her famous spool of thread, I had not received any warnings, any assistance, taken precautions, set in place any safety measures, to ensure a safe rewinding of my life and location back to where it was before I dared to venture forth.

I obviously need to give serious thought to the “stuff” of my dreams. And I should heed my mother’s admonition to carry, not only clean underwear, but also, a ball of twine.

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persephone said...

'We are such stuff as dreams are made of '...a beautiful line from Shakespeare but I forget which play. Your words made me remember an anxiety dream that I still have occasionally. I am running through the halls of a school and can't find my locker and I'm late and when I do find it I can't remember my combo lock number . My fingers twirl uselessly ! Talk about feeling 'discombobulated' .I love that word. I felt a little anxious just reading about your nightmare as you told it so realistically. I googled Ariadne for comfort as had half forgotten her story. She gave the ball of string/thread to her love, Greek hero Theseus who had come to her home in Crete to slay
her half brother , the monstrous Minotaur.
With the string Theseus found his way out of the labyrinth . He sailed away with Ariadne but carelessly forgot her on an island (some hero!) All ended well when Dionysos found her and married her!