Thursday, 13 November 2008

Kreativ Bloggers Abound

My dear friend, and fellow (mmm, another gender biased term) blogger, Tessa, of Nuts and Mutton fame, has just bestowed this beautiful award upon me. It is most humbly accepted and appreciated. Actually, its greatest value is in the recognition that blogging is quickly becoming one of the most fascinating areas of creative output on the internet these days.
There are rules and conditions attached to this award, as follows:
1. List 6 things that make you happy.
2. Pass the award onto 6 Bloggers you consider to be Kreativ.
3. Link to the blogger who gave you the award.
4. Link to the blogs receiving the award.
5. Notify the recipients.
So Forthwith, these are a few of my favourite things, tra la.

1. Quiet, lazy mornings, with coffee and newspapers (fireside in winter, lakeside in summer)
2. Walking in the sunshine on a country lane
3. Chardonnay at sunset
4. Reading, writing, or playing bridge in the evening
5. Blogging at midnight
6. Grandchildren at any hour

Since I am new to the Blogging World, I have only just begun to discover how many clever, invigorating Blogs are being written daily. It is primarily through Tessa, my Blog mentor, that I have learned about The Fabulous Geezer Sisters, The Huffington Post, and the Happiness Project. From other sources I have been directed to the TED blog, and the Sensual Gourmet:Omnivorous Ramblings by an habitual Eater. (I couldn't resist the title, if for no other reason.) And last but not least, right back at ya' (God, please don't let me sound like Sarah P.), is my favourite, Nuts and Mutton.
The fascination of these blogs is their originality and energy, some by professional writers, others by wanna bees, and just regular folk, who have something to say. While many of us live inside our own heads, more than we care to admit, some of us, some of the time, are eager, indeed, compelled to shout out...Notice this or that idea, event, commentary, or better still: Notice me, my words, and how much I have to share with you.
I do believe that inside each of us is an artist seeking an audience, applause, and approval from others. Otherwise, what's the point.? Remember how one of the highlights of our Primary years in school was "Show and Tell." This outward seeking and sharing is the very opposite of narcissism. And the very nature of the Kreativ Bloggers Award, whereby it requires a reaching out and a recognition of, at the very least, six other Bloggers or Bloggettes, reinforces the communal generosity in all of us. Hurrah for all of our sensual and omnivorous ramblings.


Starzz said...

Congratulations Marylou.
I of course jumped over to see Tessa's blog and read this well deserved compliment to you.

"Marylou, at Tread Softly is new to blogging (at moi’s suggestion [preen]) and already she is just burning up the blogrolls. Such a talented and evocative writer - I’m confident we’ll see her writings between the covers of a best-selling book someday soon."

Thanks Tessa for urging Marylou to share her Reflections after Sixty.
We are enjoying it and learning...and now I must go get aquainted with your blog..Nuts and Mutton.

persephone said...

Sending a huge Congratulations to you Marylou for receiving the Kreativ Blogger award. It is well deserved and I have enjoyed your reflections and the comments they inspired very much. You are indeed a 'talented and evocative ' writer.

Like Carol I skipped about in the blogs mentioned on your sidebar and found 'Nuts and Mutton' (good name!) which linked to a great west coast blogger's 'Thistles and Maple leaves'. I had delved into the 'Fabulous Geezersisters' before and found it interesting that the bridge in the FG photo resembles the one in Maple Leaves. Same misty fall scene from a different angle.

I enjoyed reading your 6 favourite things Marylou. Here are mine;

1. Autumn
2. Sound of rain on the roof
3. Reading in bed (with above)
4. Walking beside the ocean in any season
5. Travelling
6. Grandchildren photos sent by e-mail if cannot see in person!

Carol and Cath what are your 6 fave things?

Marylou said...

Thanks, Persephone (aka. Claire)...This was fun...the award is making its rounds. Like a tag game...some people have been tagged multiple times...good idea getting a roundup of 6+ favs of others...There is one blogger out there who has listed 150 preferences and still adding...

Laura said...

Wonderful analogy: show and tell. The problem is once we reach adolescence and beyond we are so self-conscious that we don't show and don't tell. Here we can get up in front of the class to show and tell without any of those eyes boring into us, questioning us, doubting our sanity. My but it is good to stand up and speak my words to more than a drawer.

Marylou said...

Thank you for your kind words regarding this entry, Laura. And I want to read your blog as well...Please send site address for all to enjoy.

Marylou said...

Laura...Hurrah! Now I know who you are. My friend Tessa, (Nuts and Mutton fame) had been talking about your writing to me the other day...I am new to the progam...and didn't realize that I just needed to click on your name...Now I am looking forward to reading your posts, new and old...Thanks again for connecting...and widening my world even more...

persephone said...

Marylou, I was reading your 6 fave things again today and you adjusted some. That is of course quite allowed as it depends upon mood doesn't it, what are favourites from day to day or even moment to moment?
I did like your 'sex in the morning' entry though and hope that it is still to be included as a favourite , beside the fire (or lake), among the newspapers and coffee cups. *smile* Claire