Sunday, 26 October 2008


"Words alone are certain good." said my poet, Yeats. He might have noted that new words are even better. For instance, along comes, Moses (Znaimer, that is) with a whole new tablet of information for us about aging gracefully with panache. (If you have been following this blog you should realize that we have added a new member to our travelling band, Gusto, Elan, and now, Panache.)

Moses' newest addition to his brilliant repetoire of pop culture is Zoomer. I thank my friend, Mary Lou (with a capital "L") for drawing my attention to this magazine. I will be reading its online articles for further evidence of life after maturity...I especially loved the ad of Moses, himself, looking down from a boulder in front of waters that one expects to part at any moment...

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persephone said...

Zoomer! A boomer with ZIP....I like this and will look for the magazine. Better than a Zipper...sorry I had to do it *smile*
Like you other 'in your 60's wonderful women' I am trying to live with panache as well.